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Apr 05


Record Store Day is coming! Find participating stores near you here


Record Store Day is coming! Find participating stores near you here

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Apr 01


Vinyl Loft is back!

On this week’s episode Tj discusses some new records that will be hitting shelves this week: Zammuto’s self titled debut and High on Fire’s lastest sludge/stoner opus. Check out both albums here:

Zammuto - Zammuto [Temporary Residence LTD]

High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis

Tj also discusses his Vinyl Pick of the Week: a retrospective release from Bitch Magnet pressed by Temporary Residence LTD. 

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Let us know all of your feed back, and why not tell us what releases you are most looking forward too this week? Have a good week everyone!

Mar 31

Vinyl Feed: New George Harrison rarities album "Early Takes Volume 1" 180 gram vinyl pre-order now live -


Pre-order now up at Amazon with a release date of May 1st, pick it up here

“EARLY TAKES Volume 1 will also be released independent of the Deluxe Edition in CD, digital and 180-gram vinyl formats. ‘EARLY TAKES’ is a pivotal companion piece to this critically acclaimed documentary and…

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Mar 26

New Japandriods Album Announced!

Today via Twitter Polyvinyl Records announced that Japandriods will be releasing their new album on June 5th. The album will be called “Celebration Rock”, and oh my are there some vinyl options to talk about. 

You can pre-order the record here. There are two vinyl variations: black and limited edition red vinyl. The red vinyl release is limited to 1000 copies. There are also some bundles available is you like to save some money and buy more things. You can get the lp packaged with “The House That Heaven Built” 7 inch or a band shirt. Personally I will be going for the 7 inch. 

Is all of that not enough for you? Well it just so happens that the two nice people who make up the duo known as Japandriods have decided to give you a little preview of the album on their website. You can stream the new song “The House That Heaven Built” which will be featured on both the Celebration Rock LP and surprise surprise, “The House That Heaven Built” 7 inch. Listen, Love. 

mewithoutYou’s new record “Ten Stories” now up for vinyl pre-order


mewithoutYou’s new record “Ten Stories” is now up for vinyl pre-order at Amazon. Get it here

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Mar 24

Record Store Day Release Lists is LIVE

The day that tells us how excited we should be for Record Store Day has come at last! The Record Store Day release list has been released to the public on the offical Record Store Day website. Check it out here.

There are a bunch of records listed here. The stand out releases that I am most looking forward to finding on ebay in June are listed below. I am extremely happy that Warner Bros decided to put out 5000 each of the Mastadon splits with Feist and The Flaming Lips. I was personally worried that I wasn’t able to get my hands on those, but now I’m feeling better about my chances. 

The other pleasant surprise is the repress of Snapcase’s Progression Through Unlearning that Victory is putting out. I love that band and that album, but only 900 vinyls pressed? Yikes. 

On a bit of down note I am disappointed that North America is only getting one of the Refused reissues (The Shape of Punk to Come). Our lovely readers in the UK will be able to purchase pretty much everything that Refused has ever put out on Record Store Day.

I’m also mystified by the absense of any record involving Omar Rodriquez-Lopez. The man makes so much music, but Sargent House/Rodriquez-Lopez Productions didn’t have enough material for a release? Or even something like a Mars Volta repress? Very strange. 

For the full list of records that I am excited for just click on Read More. GET EXCITED!

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Mar 22

Bloc Party Sign to Frenchkiss Records

This news is surprising depending on who you talk to. In one case it’s surprising because you thought that Bloc Party would likely never leave Wichita records, the record label that has been behind them since the very beginning when they released Bloc Party’s first album Silent Alarm. Then they’re are those who are going to be surprised that Bloc Party still exists as a band. 

As soon as your get over which ever sort of shock you are currently experiencing, you may be delighted to hear that Frenchkiss will be putting out Bloc Party’s new album…which is currently untitled and has no release date. But you can sure that when the news comes out we will inform you. In the mean time, lets take a ride on the nostalgia ferris wheel:

Mar 21

Fearless Records to Repress At The Drive In’s VAYA EP!

We were all hoping for something like this to happen. As soon as the news broke that At The Drive In would be reuniting to play select shows this summer the dreams and expectations of every single post-hardcore vinyl collect soared into the heavens. And now dear friends, we have cause to celebrate!

Fearless Records announced today that they will be releasing a limited to 500 run of At The Drive In’s 1999 EP Vaya. The catch? This pressing of the EP will only be available to people who attend Coachella. 250 records will be available on each weekend, and the 10” vinyl will be a nice shade of yellow. 

But don’t worry the rest of the world, there will be a chance for you to get in on the Vaya action. According to Fearless they will be releasing another limited press of Vaya to record stores and to online on June 5th, 2012. No details about preorders, but I will update you as soon as any new details emerge!

Mar 20

Rumor: Record Store Day List Coming Soon

We are a month away from Record Store Day! I know that none of us can wait to get really drunk on a Friday night, wake up late on Saturday, realize that it’s Record Store Day, and then rush to the store to find that all of the limited edition records you wanted have been snatched up by “collectors”. 

But don’t fret! More motivation to wake up early on that April morning should be coming soon. Earlier today local record store Kops Records twitted “Please direct all RSD requests to or !! We’re hustling to get you all the dope fresh wax”

Being a real journalist I followed up by asking them if the list had been released, and I received this response: “We’ve received a bunch of notifications of releases from distros. @GattyPrant is sifting through them all over the next few days!”

With a large number of distros sending out lists I can only assume that the official release of the list can’t be far behind. Remember you are only 31 days from Record Store Day!

Hey, where is that show?

Good evening good people of the internet. By now, if you have been following along on the adventure that was the Vinyl Loft videocast, you have noticed that the videocast has not been updated in about two weeks. Due to circumstances and overall scheduling I have decided to stop making the weekly videocast. Thank you to everyone that subscribed! I didn’t think we would get more than 100 views on any of our episodes, so your support was a great surprise!

I have also decided that it would silly to completely abandon this platform, so moving forward segments from the show will be adapted into written articles. Expect articles ranging from picks of the week and new releases to news stories and anything else I can think of (or you can recommend). 

Thank you once again to everyone who has followed along thus far, and I look forward to discussing vinyl and vinyl culture with you in the future! And hey, why not a sweet picture to go along with all of the love?